Monday, 3 March 2014

Fine Art

History of Art centers on the study of works of art. These range  from the traditional arts - painting, drawing, sculpture, architecture and print-making - to a wide spectrum of other media: photography, video art, installation or the poster. History of Art explores the relationship between art and society. The art history program seeks to train students in art history skills and concepts needed to develop capabilities in art theory, research, teaching, and criticism. It offers a core program with flexibility in the choice of art history concentrations in various periods and areas, notably the Middle East. To quote,Georgina Bolton.“This course has been perfect for me. The combined nature of the History of Art and Fine Art programme allows for a stimulating fusion of the academic and the creative. Access to the outstanding facilities and dynamic staff provides a diverse yet supportive framework, encouraging a personal development of what I believe is a truly stimulating, well-rounded degree programme” This can take many forms; how was a work of art made, who was it made for and why? How did people understand it originally, and how have interpretations of the work changed over time? How did abstract ideas, social structures, historical processes, or religious beliefs cause works of art to look how they do? 

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